“Edge” is a critical idea in financial matters. The living Webster Encyclopedic lexicon of the English Language characterizes “edge” as “a fringe or edge; a breaking point, or a condition past wich something stops to exist or be conceivable”. The edge, in economics,means the limit or marginal isolating the buys that are worth while from those that are definitely not. It is at the edge that we settle on a decision among options. Our utilization of any ware is controlled by the choice we make at the edge. Assume you as of now have five books on financial matters and you are pondering the buy of a 6th. The examined 6th book is known as your peripheral volume. Your choice to buy the book will rely upon the extra increase you believe you will get from it and furthermore on the other elective decisions that are available to you to spend your cash. As it were, you are thinking about the negligible worth of the 6th book to you. When you have touched base at this stage,we state that you are on the “edge of utilization”.



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