Too many Christains I’v met are standing in the shadows of that vineyard. Like the disciples, they have discovered that following Jesus has turned out far differently than expected. They feel confused and disillusioned—-maybe even betrayed by God. Do you ? If so, listen carefully—-I believe that a major reason for your spiritual crisis may be that you have not heard and understood Jesus’ words in the vineyard. For decades of my life as a Christian, I didn’t, I fell out of fellowship. I struggled against God. I settled for a spiritual experience often characterized by disappointment,doubt,and even anger. Looking back, I see that I was still thinking about a God who would help me win on my own terms. I had failed to learn close and listen. But over the years, I was drawn back again and again into That lamplit circle, and what I finally heard there has brought freedom and joy into my life. Now I understand what God wants from me——a fruitful harvest for him. And now I can see how he has been at work all along in my life to bring that about. Will you take to heart what Jesus said in those crucial, final moments? Every word matters. Jesus Wants to pull back the curtains of heaven for you just as He did for his disciples. You see, Jesus was thinking of you, too, that night. I’m sure of it. In cautious Thomas and reckless Peter, in guileless Nathaniel and scheming James, He saw and loved you, too, and I believe he has lovingly directed you to this little book just as purposefully As He led His closest friends into that vineyard. The secrets of the vine that I will show you in the chapters to come are our father’s amazing plan to keep His children flourishing—-Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In Fact, we could call them family secrets because they’re really only meaningful to disciples like you who have followed your Lord all the way here…Past the celebration, outside the city walls, straight into the dark.


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